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Designed by AuraLab co-founders Ben Collins and Robert Alexander (formerly of NASA / Design Science PhD), Breathscape is a gorgeous breath-controlled experience that promotes meditation, relaxation, and altered states of consciousness through auditory biofeedback. Using only a smartphone, the app measures the user’s respiratory rhythm and algorithmically generates guided meditation over a tapestry of soothing sound that ebbs and flows with the breath in real time.


About Robert Alexander

As a NASA fellow, Dr. Robert Alexander worked with scientists at Goddard Space Flight Center to transform our understanding of the sun and solar wind through auditory data analysis. Using this novel approach, his collaborative team produced the most sensitive diagnostic of the electron temperature in the solar wind source region. For this research he was featured in Origin Magazine’s list of the top 100 creative leaders, and he received the Outstanding Achievement award from the International Community on Auditory Display. He currently teaches sound design at the renowned Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, where his research focuses on music, meditation, and biofeedback. For the past several years he has traveled the globe hosting workshops on topics ranging from the Science of Bass to the Sonification of Space Data. He has constructed software interfaces for artistically exploring data from a wide range of sources including the human genome, real-time EEG data streams, human conflict, celestial orbits, weather patterns, and binary-star systems. As a multimedia artist, musician, and composer, Alexander has performed at venues such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts, as well international stages in Europe and South America.

About Ben Collins

Ben Collins was Senior Digital Developer at the University of Michigan College of Engineering for seven years where he built multimedia experiences for the web and mobile devices. He has a degree in Sonic Arts from the University of Michigan School of Music. He was a featured technologist at CERN in 2014, where his team won a hackathon for their mobile app simulating virus/cell interaction, and he showcased the same work at the Tribeca film festival later that year. His work with virtual and augmented reality has let him to work as a consultant for ad agencies and startups. As a musician, he’s toured internationally with a number of bands, and his music compositions have been used in film and commercially by Ford, Lincoln, Cadillac, Herman Miller and many others.


  • Biofeedback-driven intelligent soundscapes that ebb and flow with the breath
  • Guided meditation
  • Timed or infinite sessions
  • A great meditation platform for any meditator, new or experienced


Robert Alexander demonstates Breathscape (formerly Breath of Life) at Woodenfish Forum on Buddhism and New Technology in Shanghai, China YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Runner-Up SPARK bootcamp" Ann Arbor, MI, November 2017

Selected Articles

  • "Breathscape creates a personalized, custom experience for patients... Their own breathing becomes a musical instrument, which ensure that the experience remains playful and effortless. My patients have said that they experience more connection to joy, creativity and relaxation as a result of the Breathscape experience, in comparison to meditation alone. It introduces a form of virtual reality through the audio experience that is transformational. There is nothing else like it."
    - Amy Coleman, CEO Wellsmart, Wellsmart
  • "Breathing is such a critical part of health, happiness, and hope, and yet we often hold our breath or don’t know how to properly do it. Breathscape transformed me to another world, making me totally present and aware of the moment... The more I can get in that state, the more I realize that anything is possible."
    - Kathryn Goetzke, CEO and founder of the Mood Factory, Mood Factory
  • "I have had anxiety my whole life: Breathscape is the first time I have felt open to a whole new level of being. I felt connected to the universe and my breathing, which allowed my perception to reach another dimension. This was a joyful and carefree experience which was effortless."
    - Debrah Farentino, Actress,
  • "My experience with Breathscape was spiritually transformational... What happened to be a 20 minute meditational experience felt like an hour of serene, uninterrupted journey of peace. As I opened my eyes, I felt a flow of energy surging in my body with a sense of euphoria as if I had traveled back in time to fill the void in my memories. This journey has shown me the possibilities of self-reconciliation and paths to understanding one’s emotion."
    - Jimmy Lam, Industrial Designer, Angry Review

About Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment

In 1990, Terence McKenna said "The computers of the future will be drugs. The drugs of the future will be computers." With today's technology and advancements in neuroscience, the time for entheogenic software has arrived. "Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment" is a publisher of psychoactive digital experiences, packaging spiritual healing and wellness into entertainment technologies.

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Breathscape Credits

Robert Alexander
CEO, Auralab LLC

Ben Collins
CTO, Auralab LLC

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