Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment
Based in Austin, TX

Founding date:
Late May, 2018


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Microdose VR

2502 Walter St.
Austin, TX, 78702

+1 (212) 945 8094


In 1990, Terence McKenna said "The computers of the future will be drugs. The drugs of the future will be computers." With today's technology and advancements in neuroscience, the time for entheogenic software has arrived. "Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment" is a publisher of psychoactive digital experiences, packaging spiritual healing and wellness into entertainment technologies.


Founding History

Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment was founded in May of 2018 by Robin Arnott. "I'd been working on 'SoundSelf' for six years - and I knew I had something special: something on the edge of videogame and psychedelic that was neither and both. It actually terrified me, because how the hell do you communicate something so new? I had to either release it as a 'videogame' and hope for the best, or find other visionaries who share my interests and work together with them to develop the field as a whole." Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment was founded to help fund transcendent technologies, and connect them to neuroscientists and to the emerging market.

Working with VR

"Microdose VR" and "SoundSelf," two out of the first three titles published under Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment make transcendent use of VR. Robin Arnott says, "I'm really overjoyed to be working with Android [creator of Microdose VR]. He's such an inspiring polymath, and his attitude towards VR is on the vanguard of a paradigm shift that is occuring in technology as a whole. VR is so groundbreaking for technodelics because of how effectively it cuts out distracting stimulus! Without that persistent reassertion of the physical world, mindful creators can work on a layer of the user's consciousness that is deeper and subtler than we usually do."

TEDx Linz

Speaking about technodelics at TEDx Linz in February of 2018, Robin Arnott said "Do not doubt the power of videogames. The way people look at a screen when they are completely invested in an experience is a testament to the power of this tool. I don't know any other tool that shapes a person's consciousness as completely and quickly as a videogame can. We are using this powerful tool to solve the wrong kinds of problems. We can't use videogames, at least the way we've been using them, to solve problems of meaninglessness, powerlessness, or loneliness. It just doesn't work. But there are other things we can use this powerful tool to do." (full video below)



Robin Arnott on the collision between Western technology and Eastern spirituality, at TEDx Linz YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "One of the most exciting potentials for Virtual Reality is that it helps us connect deeply to the nature of our consciousness and awareness of being. VR is like training wheels for helping us become more present, and it blazes new neural pathways into our mind changing the way we perceive reality. I’m excited to see Robin Arnott start Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment in order to curate and shine a spotlight on mindful and contemplative experiences If VR is able to help us tap into new latent human potentials, then I’d expect that it would be distributed by Orpheus."
      - Kent Bye, Voices of VR
    • "Orpheus are the ones to channel the power of gaming toward the future connection of wellbeing – something our world desperately needs."
      - Mikey Siegel, Consciousness Hacking

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    Robin Arnott

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